LED Lighting & More in Brisbane

Prime Electronics HoldingsĀ  in Brisbane, has been around for more than quarter of a century as a supplier of electronic components, spare parts, tools and test equipment.
We now stock the latest in LED technology which is available in Australia. Low voltage, low heat and high output LED lighting will revolutionise the way Australians light their homes, offices and public places. Long lasting LED technology is already in public use every day in traffic lights, billboards and other display systems that require efficient lighting.
Prime Electronics is proud to showcase the latest in LED lighting solutions that are not only affordable to install but even more affordable to run for everyday use.
Prime Electronics produces and promotes only LED lighting products, and not incandescent, halogen or neon lighting.
LEDs have the advantage over other forms of lighting in that they are low energy, long life and low voltage, thus not requiring professional installation.
Most LED products in this catalogue are 12 or 24 Volts.
LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are very different from conventional lighting, and are produced from silicon using technology similar to transistors and integrated circuits. As such, they have special requirements to deliver their best life span and light output.
With over 28 years experience dealing in electronic components, Prime Electronics has the expertise and capability to offer you LED lighting products which perform technically, yet are easy for the electrician or DIY home handyman to use effectively.
The products shown in this catalogue are part of a new and innovative range of LED lighting for many applications.
Because of our in-house capabilities, we are able to produce custom modifications for products to your specifications at short notice.

Offices of Prime Electronics LED Lighting in Brisbane

LED Lighting in Brisbane